Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy National Author Day!

Today is National Author Day and it's such a wonderful day to celebrate. Authors and books inspire and touch so many lives in so many ways. I know from personal experience how many books and the authors have touched and changed my life. Reading books takes me first to another world, allows me to slip into another person(s) life and all the struggles and joys they are going through. I get to walk with them as they solve problems, overcome obstacles and see the light at the end of the tunnel. The characters and stories invoke hope and enlightenment.

Yes, most books I read are fiction. However, most fiction is based in some truth and many are based on historical events and individuals from the past who have made an impact in some way.

How have books impacted or touched your life?

So many authors have inspired me to begin my career as a writer and their words have affected my life in so many other wonderful ways. I thank them all and congratulate them on this wonderful milestone in their lives and writing careers. Thank you for the talent, love, dedication and creativity you give to the world.
I hope one day that my words will inspire and touch lives as well!

Happy National Author Day!



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