Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Write Your Heart Out Wednesday! -November 30, 2016

Write your Heart Out Wednesday!

November 30, 2016

So it’s Wednesday and that means: Write your Heart Out! This is my first official post of this kind. Be looking for these each week! As you all know, I’m still learning and studying writing craft and I must say I’m learning quite a lot! 

A book I came across some months ago and have now purchased, that I feel will be very helpful, is called Plot Perfect: How to Build Unforgettable Stories Scene by Scene by Paula Munier. 

You can learn more about it and purchase it on amazon at: 

On amazon, it gets a ton of 5 star reviews. Here are just a few:

I am a voracious reader of writing books, and can say that after awhile they all seem to be conveying much of the same advice. In Plot Perfect, Paula Munier touches on many of those same topics (show, don't tell: kill your darlings: ect.) , but manages to present them in a fresh new perspective. Her brilliant case studies of published novels makes everything she teaches easier to understand. I was extremely pleased to find that among the case studies is The Maltese Falcon, which in my opinion is one of the best novels ever written. In Plot Perfect, Paula disects each of these case studies and explains, not only how the author moved the plot forward, but how any writer can do it. The techniques that she teaches are invaluable to any writer at any level of experience. If you only have time to read one writing book, I highly recommend this one. 
~ Pamela Anders

I received this book as a gift, and found it interesting, and extremely useful for new, and established writers. In fact, I'm also sharing this reference with some of my new writing friends, who are searching for writing reference books specifically designed on how to create plots that will not only grab the reader's attention, but also the publisher's attention.

Agent, editor, and author Paula Munier, delivers a very useful guide as she directs the writer on the right road in creating an extraordinary plot that will make the difference between boring or transforming your manuscript into a page-turner.

The author shows you how to create a compelling story with solid structure, through a step-by-step approach that works. In addition, she teaches how to organize, and how to captivate, by setting the right atmosphere. This reference shows you how to improve fiction, and how to also polish your manuscript, before submitting your work.

This writing reference will improve scenes and is useful for not only novels, but also for screenplays, memoirs and basically all types of writing, and all genres. Extremely helpful for all writers. Highly recommended! 
~ Author/Reviewer Geri Ahearn

When I heard Paula Munier speak at a writer's conference last summer, I knew I had to get her books on writing. I have not been disappointed. I only wish I’d read them before I started writing seven years ago! I now believe her wise, clear, detailed and no-nonsense advice (both in Plot Perfect and Writing with Quiet Hands) has given me the information I need, not only to be a better writer and craft a quality story, but to get published
~ Amazon Customer

What drew me to this book was first and foremost, it’s a book that will help me delve deeper into story structure. I’m still learning more about story structure. When I was in school, I learned about a story having a beginning, middle, and end. Having a protagonist, antagonist and a climax and resolution. That’s it! Not much else was taught and when I was in high school and college, the English courses revolved more around academic writing rather than creative writing. My college offered 1 creative writing course and once the professor who taught that class moved onto another college, guess what, that class went with her. So for those of us wanting to learn how to write were out of luck. However, years later, I’ve found some wonderful books on writing craft and have learned there’s a WHOLE lot more to do with story structure than what I was taught in school. For example the inciting incident; plot points; character arc; show, don’t tell and a whole lot more! So I feel this book will be a good resource and help me to understand story structure even more and begin to give my story some concrete structuring and pinpoint where I’m going wrong. So in the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on this and many other books on writing craft that I’ve picked up.



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