Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Writing Craft Study Guide

Writing Craft Study Guide

Ok friends, below is my tentative writing craft study guide. I’ve created this myself utilizing books and other resources available to me. I've already been studying for a few months now, but due to illness I had to take a break. So I'm now back to it full steam ahead and I thought I'd share with all of you my attentative guide. 

Each week on what I will call Write Your Heart Out Wednesday (as this will branch into posts about my writing and well anything about writing), I will be sharing with you an update on what I’ve studied thus far and just anything about writing that I feel might be helpful or of interest.

Some of the books and resources I’ve chosen are garnered toward my particular genre and my particular series that’s coming up. Once I’m done reading a book, I will post a review on it and give you all a little more in depth info on what I really felt about the book. I will also share my honest thoughts on whether the book helps or doesn’t help enhance my writing. So, my study guide is as follows and of course, always subject to change.

November 27 – 3

-        Nail Your Story (Finish reading)
-        Writing Active Hooks: Book 1
-        Writing Active Settings: Book 1
-        Writing Active Settings: Book 2

December 4 – 10

-        Find your Story
-        Slow Your Prose
-        The Art & Craft of Writing Secret Advice for Writers

December 11 – 17

-        No Plot, No Problem
-        Start Writing Fiction - +Possible Online Course
-        Techniques of the Selling Writer
-        Understanding Show, Don’t Tell

December 18 – 23 (Break the 24th & 25th for Christmas)

-        Writing the Bestseller: Romance and Commercial Fiction
-        Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel
-        Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure
-        Write Great Fiction: Description & Setting

December 26 – 30 (Break the 31st and 1st for New Year’s)

-        Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & View Point
-        She Sat, He Stood
-        1001 Questions to Help Flesh Out Your Character *Begin to flesh out your                     characters for first Wexford Sister’s Book*
-        Write Great Fiction: Dialogue

January 2 - 7

-        From Where You Dream + Youtube Videos

*Monday January 2 watch Episodes 1 – 3
*Tuesday January 3 watch Episodes 4 – 6
*Wednesday January 4 watch Episodes 7 – 9
*Thursday January 5 watch Episodes 10 – 12
*Friday January 6 watch Episodes 13 - 15
*Saturday January 7 watch Episodes 16 – 17

-        The Regency Companion Book
-        Jane Austen’s World
-        Jane Austen & Food
-        What Jane Austen Ate & Charles Dickens Knew

January 8 - 13

-        McGraw Editors, Writers & Proofreaders
-        McGraw Proofreading Handbook
-        Perfect English Grammar
-        Editing Course

January 15 - 21

-        England History From Charles II to James II
-        England a History (have to get)
-        Research several YouTube history of England & Regency Period                              Documentaries

January 22 - 28

-        2000 Words to 10,000
-        Outlining Your Novel (Begin Outlining)
-        ABC of Self-Publishing
-        Successful Self-Publishing
-        Author Platform Building Blocks

January 29 - 4

-        Take Off Your Pants (Structuring Your Novel)
-        Structuring Your Novel *Begin structuring your novel*
-        Building Your Book for Kindle
-        Write, Publish, Promote
-        Self-Publishing with Amazon Box Set (Have to get)

February 4 - 11

-        Catch up on any leftover reading
-        If all reading is done, review and touch up outline.

-        Begin rough draft

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