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Planning 2017 - All About My Planners

Planning 2017

All About My Planners

Hi Friends,

Well one of my major goals for 2017 is to get organized and planning! I've always been a planner and have used planners ever since upper elementary school. In college I used a basic academic planner and that worked great for all of those years. However, now with trying to juggle so much in my life: editing schedules, blog tour/blogging schedules, upcoming author schedules (currently writing craft course) and well my personal life too. It’s a lot to keep track of. So I'm working on setting up a planning system.

Basic Academic Planner:

First planner is my ever classic basic academic planner. I intend to use this one for doctors’ appointments and keeping track of my lab and medical tests. Also, this is small enough to carry in my purse and a good planner to just jot things down, dates, etc., and then I can transfer those into the other planners if need be. This is the type of planner that I’ve been using ever since high school and it works great for simple dates to remember. But does not give a whole lot of space for writing things out.

Overall Calendars at a glance, personal profile page.

Monthly Calendar (this was for this past October)

Daily notes section to write in more info.

Happy Planner:

Next I plan to use my Happy Planner for my work schedule and life events. I first learned about this planner when I saw a YouTube writing video and the YouTuber mentioned her Erin Condren planner. So I started researching planners and found tons of planner videos on YouTube and one mentioned the Recollections planner which is like the Erin Condren but a whole lot cheaper. So I went to Michaels on Thursday in hopes of buying my very first Recollections planner. Well, there was one left, but it was in the horizontal layout. I wanted the vertical layout. So, I glanced at the other planners they had and I grabbed the Happy Planner. It is awesome and very similar to the Erin Condren but here again, a fraction of the price.

Then I headed off to the stickers and scrap booking aisle. Boy was I impressed, what tons of fun and neat stuff to get down the road. So I grabbed up some pretty basic sticker kits. One for the Happy Planner and one pack is teacher stickers with things like Great Job; Keep Up the Work, etc. I thought these would be great for when I achieve my goals!

Not only can you get the Happy Planner but a lot of great add-ons as well.

Title Page

Full Calendar at a Glance (for 2016 & 2017) I got the 18 month planner.

January tab with beautiful gold/white striped divider.

January Calendar

Weekly Spread

This is right next to the January divider and it gives you the previous, present and following months. A currently list (for reading, eating, planning, etc.) Birthdays box, This Month's Goals and Important Dates.

My Sticker Kits:

Washi Tape

Basic intro sticker kit for Happy Planner

Recollections Sticker Kit that I thought was perfect colors for the color scheme of my Happy Planner.

For celebrating my goals!


One thing I want to mention before going forward is decorating. Now this is something that is totally new to me. I’d never decorated in my planners in the past, I just used a black pen and wrote things down. However, this decorating is a really HUGE thing for planner folks and I must admit, I LOVE it! I definitely intend to decorate in my Happy Planner. Oh my goodness, there are so many fun kits and stickers out there. I highly suggest Etsy and I’ll post one of my fave Etsy stores. Which, just today I have ordered a tone of stickers for my planner. I also have ordered some lovely extra notes pages and half notes page to write out my monthly schedules.

No this pic is not my layout (I’ll post those later) but this gives you an idea of how some folks use their planners and decorate. (Picture courtesy of Victoria Thatcher via Yahoo Images).

AuthorLife Planner:

Next is The AuthorLife 2017 Planner by Bria Quinlan. As if you haven’t guessed already, this is specifically for everything pertaining to my life as an aspiring author and my writing. I haven’t had the chance to go through everything in it and figure out how exactly I’m going to be using it (as I’m just starting this journey of becoming an author) but I can tell you that it’s got tons of advice and if you’re an author or aspiring author, I highly suggest this planner!

As the weeks go a long, for those of you who might be planners and into the planning community, I’ll share more about how I’m using my planners; but especially my authorlife planner, as well, my blog is all about myself as an author.

So a quick break-down of the AuthorLife Planner:

First there are tons of exercises to do in order to help get your life planned and mapped out.

Then the following pages are: Hard Deadlines, Personal Deadlines, What you Do, Where You’re Going.

Then we get into the layout of the planner: Full January 2017 Calendar. Then it breaks down into a weekly layout. 4 boxes where you write your goals; Writing/Editing, Marketing/Business, Life, Joy (love this!), Notes, task list and on the other page are the blocks in a vertical layout of the days of the week where you can write in your schedule, appointments, etc. These are the same for each month. At the back of the book, at the end of December there is a Month in Review page. Then Wrap It Up page with questions like "My Biggest Accomplishment". Next is: In Retrospect Page with lots of awesome questions for you to answer and contemplate upon things accomplished in 2017 and how you can revamp 2018. Next, Financial Wrap up with tons of info to jot down about your overall finances (great for upcoming tax season in 2018). 2018 Calendar and then notes for 2018. That's it. You could decorate in this if you wanted! J I’ll try to get pics of all of this too.

So let’s get planning and I hope all of you have an awesome 2017!! Make this the BEST Year Ever!


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