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Author Tag - 4 ~ AuthorTube Newbie Tag

Author Tag – 4

AuthorTube Newbie Tag


1.How did you find out about AuthorTube?

I came across YouTube author and writing craft videos about a month ago and absolutely love it. I’m contemplating starting my own Vlog on YouTube this coming year. The videos are so very helpful and it’s a really neat way for authors to gather and help support one another.

2.What genres do you write in?

I write Historical Romance; primarily the Regency and some of the Georgian periods (as the Regency was part of the Georgian period). I also write contemporary romance, YA, NA and I might be dappling in Mystery & Suspense down the road too. For now, I’m focusing on publishing my Historical Romance books and later I might consider publishing the other genres. Historical Romance is by far, my absolute fave genre!

3. What is your preferred writing tense, point of view, and category of story? (Children’s, YA, NA, Adult, etc.)

          I prefer writing in Third person, present tense; however, I do have some flashbacks in my stories or foreshadowing. My favorite category is Historical romance, but another close runner up is New Adult. I love writing about characters in college dealing with all the things that college kids deal with and a lot of myself comes into these stories as well.

4. Are you a plotter, pantser, or plantser?

          I’m a huge plotter. Especially now that I’ve found Scrivener, my plotting will come to an even more organized and detailed manner. I create very lengthy outlines, character sketches, setting sketches and just about anything I can think of to outline and keep me on track when writing. There are some elements of my stories that just come off the top of my head and sometimes I keep those and sometimes I delete them. This past year I totally pantsered my NaNoWriMo book and it felt very strange to me; yes, some dialogue and elements were really cool, but I really got stumped in many parts because I hadn’t outlined and thought it all through.

5. Are you a self-published, published, or yet-to-be published?
I’m yet-to-be published. However, I am planning to self-publish. I’ve decided this based on situations in my life (dealing with chronic illness and in and out of hospitals.) However, there is a series I’m working on that I’m contemplating pitching to some publishers. But yes, self-published primarily. I love being able to control everything about my books and who I am as an author; rather than someone dictating or creating it for me.

6. What publishing company, literary agent, and/or printing company are you represented by or use? If you’re not yet published, what is your dream publishing house and/or literary agent?

If I were to get published, I’d love to have my books published by Avon Romance.

7. What AuthorTube related videos can we expect to find on your channel?

          I’ve not yet started this journey; however, this is in the works. I would like to start writing craft videos to help other authors learn how to write and also how to self-publish. I will also be sharing vlog’s about my own writing and books that are coming out soon.

8. When did you start writing?

          I’ve been writing ever since I was a child, I used to love creating stories and characters. I began seriously writing a few years ago; however, those stories never went anywhere as I hadn’t focused on becoming a writer. I saw it more as a hobby. This past year I’ve decided to pursue my career as a published author.

9. What was the first story you ever wrote?

          It was many years ago when I was a child. For English class we were asked to write a short story. I wrote a story about a girl who was preparing for a horse show in Kentucky. I don’t remember much more about it; however, I do know that she won first prize and prior to the show her horse had become injured so there was a lot of conflict and concern for her as time was running out and she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to show.

10. What authors have inspired your writing the most?

Oh so many! Lisa Kleyas, Sabrina Jeffries, Tessa Dare, Christy Caldwell, Lisa Jackson, a new writer who is not yet published whom I’ve come across via YouTube: Shaelin Bishop (Shaelinwrites on youtube), this young woman is very inspiring and I feel is going to be an award winning and bestselling author one day!

11. Do you schedule your writing sessions or simply get to writing whenever you can find the time?

I definitely schedule my writing time. I’m a morning person plus my household tends to get a tad busy which naturally brings about noise come later morning and I need complete silence in order to think and create, so I get up very early in the morning and start writing whilst others are sleeping or just going about their morning routine. I plot, plan, outline, etc., throughout the day and at any time of the day or night (yes there are times I’m awake at 3am and plotting), but writing is very scheduled.

12. Do you type on a computer, typewriter, write everything out by hand, or use a blend of those? And where do you write in general?

          I was writing my notes, outline and first draft by hand; however, since finding Scrivener, I will now be typing everything out as I can have it synced on my PC and Ipad. SO even if I’m sick in bed, I can still write, which is awesome!

13. What are you most looking forward to now that you’re a part of AuthorTube?

Looking forward to connecting with other authors, giving support and helping new writers out!

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