Thursday, September 8, 2016

Writing Craft: An Intro

Writing Craft: An Intro

Friends, I would like to begin going through my journey of learning and researching and ultimately mastering writing craft. I'd love to return to university and pursue a degree in English or English literature or even just take a creative writing course. However, due to medical reasons, right now that's not possible in my life. So I'm going to be teaching myself creative writing and ultimately working to publish my novels. Now, I do come from an academic background, throughout school I excelled in English and reading, actually measuring off the charts in linguistics and reading comprehension. Throughout my middle school and high school years, I was in Honors courses and continued to excel in English and writing in college. I have also been working in the field of publishing for some time. I'm a freelance editor and also an editor for a small publishing company.  It's just now that I'm finally embarking on the path to publishing the stories which have been living in my head for months and some for many years.

What I would like to do is share with you not only the titles of the books that I chose to study from but why I chose those particular texts, what I thought about them and in the end, how they have helped me in my writing or if they have not helped in any way. I will be brutally honest about the works I chose to study from, as not only do I want to produce high-quality work and stories for all of you, my dear readers. I also want to help other aspiring writers or folks who, like me, can’t afford a college education, to learn writing craft, to master it and ultimately to see our stories become true masterpieces that will touch the lives of so many.

To me, writing is not about making money or immortalizing my name (actually I’m using a pen name, Marie Greaves is merely a part of the real individual behind the words).  Writing is about creativity, telling stories, helping the characters that come to life so vividly in my head, to come alive on the page and most importantly alive in your hearts. Writing is about love, passion, strife, struggle, etc., it’s about coming into another world and leaving all of your troubles behind or just taking a break from the everyday life. To come into another individual’s life and finding yourself in that individual (the characters) and being able to relate to them. That’s just some of the reasons why I write and why I want to get my stories out to all of you.

So as I’ve said, I will share with you about the texts I chose to study from, I will also share any websites that I come across, YouTube videos or any and all sources that I come across during this journey. Also, keep in mind studying writing craft and perfecting one's skills does not stop once one has published a book, no it continues. This is a life-long journey, and I welcome you to join me, and I hope in some way my journey will help others.


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