Thursday, September 8, 2016

Welcome to Marie's Quill

Welcome to Marie’s Quill

Welcome to my blog and the journey I'm about to begin to becoming a published author. I will admit friends, we are in for quite a ride but I'm so delighted to have you with me on this journey. Each week I will be blogging about learning and studying writing craft, the steps I will take to publishing my books and oh yes, a lot about my books. You'll get all the behind the scenes glimpses, excerpts and release information.

How it all began you might be wondering. Well, it was back in high school, my junior year in honors English Lit class and we were assigned to read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Well, I absolutely fell in love with the book and began grabbing all of the Austen books I could find at our local library. I was not only a fast fan of Ms. Austen, but of the whole Regency and Georgian eras (having learned that the Regency period was a small part of the overall Georgian Era.) I began learning all that I could about both of these fascinating times in England's history.

It wasn't long before stories began living in my head. But I wondered, would people of today be truly interested in reading a romance taken place during this time? Sure it was one thing for Ms. Austen as she lived in that time, but this was the '90's and the 1990's to be exact. Well,  it was a couple of years later during my Freshman year of college that my question was answered when I picked up my first historical romance book that was not considered classic literature and written in our present times. It was a book by Mary Balogh called The Famous Heroine, oh how I fell in love with this genre. I began grabbing all of the historical Regency and Georgian books I could find. Through the years I've read numerous books by a variety of authors and must admit, historical Regency and Georgian romance is still my favorite. So this, dear readers is the genre I've chosen.

For many years I thought about writing off and on, but never really gave it serious thought or thought it possible. I always had a vivid imagination as a child and often times that was stifled by family and even teachers. Never the less, the stories still resided in my head and I'd hear the characters chatting about and as I ferociously read more books, more and more stories came. However, life happened and situations forced me to go into a more secure field (you know what they say about starving artists) and I went into education. I graduated in 2012 with Highest Honors from Post University and entered the world of education (prior to that I've done many other jobs to get by in life, including being a flight attendant, restaurant manager, and office administrator). However, the stories still lived in my head and I often times thought about writing, but again didn’t take it seriously until once again life happened.

After being encouraged by a few author friends and some family members, I've finally decided to give these stories a permanent home and put pen to paper. Yes, I do mean pen to paper, my rough drafts (as you'll learn more about my writing style as we go along) are all hand written in big 5 subject notebooks.

So friends, I welcome you to join me in this journey and be looking for The Wexford Sisters in 2017.



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